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Human placental lactogen (hPL) / human chorionic somatomammotropin (hCS)1 secreted by placenta at the end of pregnancy prepares breasts for lactation, while prolactin (PRL) induces synthesis of b -casein and other milk proteins. Asepsis is required only if membranes are ruptured, so that the once-preferred rectal exploration is discouraged. It mostr commonly occurs in the posterior wall of the uterine body in the midleine, half a way between the lower trophoblast selectin L -mediated adhesion at the maternal-fetal interface eccentric implantation : embedding of the blastocyst within a recess of the uterine cavity. Spermatozoa acquire mobility in the tail of epididymis. You can also meet hot gay guys online with cam chat rooms.
  • An enzyme demonstrated to influence implantation, COX2, was downregulated in LPA3-deficient uteri during pre-implantation. Imperforate hymen : one which completely closes the vaginal orifice. Neither patient age nor size of the flaccid penis accurately predict erectile length. It is the generative element of the semen which serves to fertilize the ovum, and contains the genetic information to be transmitted to the zygote by the male. Bulbus penis / bulb of penis / bulbus corporis spongiosi / bulbus urethrae / bud of urethra : the enlarged proximal part of the corpus spongiosum found between the 2 crura of the penis glans penis / caput penis is covered.
  • Denticular hymen : a hymen with an opening which has serrate edges. Under the light microscope, it appears as a radially striated layer, which can be seen to be microvillous under the electron microscope, and is therefore called zona radiata, zona striata, or striated membrane egg envelope or membrane / lemma. Ruysch's muscle : the muscular tissue of the fundus uteri corpus uteri / body of uterus : that part of the uterus above the isthmus and below the orifices of the uterine tubes. In the newborn the cervix is longer than adult dating homo sites best mature the corpus, but at puberty the corpus rapidly develops Coats : myometrium / tunica muscularis uteri / mesometrium : the smooth muscle coat of the uterus, which forms the mass.
  • The nature of apposition labyrinthine placenta : one in which maternal blood courses in channeled trophoblasts. Balbiani body development requires an intact fusome and microtubule cytoskeleton : initially, the Balbiani body supplies virtually all the mitochondria of the oocyte, including those used to form germ plasm, because the oocyte ring canals specifically block inward mitochondrial. Membranous vesicles called epididymosomes interact with spermatozoa allowing the transfer of some proteins to sperm surface within the epididymal lumen epididymis basal cell appendix testis / hydatid of Morgagni / morgagnian cyst / sessile hydatid / testicular appendage.
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  4. Alecithal or oligolecithal ovum : one with only a small amount of yolk, or almost no yolk, as in the ova of mammals and many of the invertebrates cleidoic ovum : one that possesses within itself sufficient nutritive material. Some adaptationists argue that the by-product account is flawed because, well, it rules out the adaptative explanation. Follicular atresia / atresia folliculi : the degeneration and resorption of an ovarian follicle before it reaches maturity and ruptures. Indeed, the 1994 to 1996 survey cited 2 reports of water aspiration ref, and similar cases have been documented in the literature ref1, ref2. Postmenopause : the time after menopause and before senility.


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Interstitial implantation : complete embedding of a blastocyst within the endometrium, as in humans central, circumferential or superficial implantation : embedding of the blastocyst so that the blastocyst, and later the chorionic sac, come to occupy the uterine cavity teratic. Organa genitalia feminina externa / female external genital organs / muliebria : the external genitalia of the female urethra feminina habenula urethralis : either of 2 whitish lines extending from the urinary meatus to the clitoris in girls and young women. So when massasje i sandnes nude massage bøsse food is scarce and resources are low, females preferentially give birth to girls because they are more likely to live through the hard times : rural Ethiopian women with low levels of nutrition are more likely to give birth to girls ref. At least one previous study has shown a possible link between phones and sperm count.